Pin It Mondays #1

Food Video Mondays has embarrassingly slipped my mind for the last several weeks. I love food. Really, I do. But parsing through old Vimeo pages for videos that excited me was getting a little dreary. Like most people more than one thing inspires me, piques my interest, and makes my eyes smile.

If there is one place for any gal (and dude, but mainly gal) to gather all those interests, that place would hands down have to be Pinterest. So, instead of Food Video Mondays, Pin It Mondays will be a way to bring my favorite pins from the prior week. Usually it’ll be five, but I’m sure they’ll be some times where six or seven is the number; oh the power you can wield on your own site! Just like FVD, PIM will be a short sweet way to start off the dreaded Mondays.


Louboutin Daffodile

loubUsually sky-high heels  run the risk of looking a tad trashy, but there is something about the shape of this shoe that is utterly, utterly beautiful. I’d put them on my coffee table as a discussion piece; a very expensive $1,075 discussion piece!


3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel.


I love the color and the texture of this purse, with the light pebble marks. The shape reminds me of the Celine purse, every big bloggers go-to bag, it seems, but this one is a little more relaxed.


Sexxx in the Kitchen

sex in the kitche ice cream boobs

I added a new Tumblr account to my radar called Sexxx in the Kitchen. This photo is cheeky as all hell. I will say make sure you click on the link with three xxx’s in the sex and not just randomly google sex in the kitchen tumblrs; #thereisnotenougheyebleachintheworld


Lo & Sons Weekender

the weekender

I knew there would come a time in my life when I’d need a weekender and it seems the time is now. Planned or spontaneous I always seem to find myself in Burlington for a night or two, and while my reusable shopping bag is big enough to hold a few outfits, I kind of wouldn’t mind something a little more “sophisticated.”

The Haves and the Have-nots

the haves and havenots

A great article on living in a bustling place full of wealth and how to balance those desires for things with being realistic about what really makes people happy: a home with love and time to spend with the ones we love. A worthy read for anyone. A quote:

“I want to go furniture shopping in the design center and not blink about dropping $100,000 on lighting for my entry. I want to buy cases and cases of good rose and drink it while sailing the Bay with friends. I want to treat my people to dinners out, picking up the check with one fell swoop of my black Amex. I want blow-outs and mani/pedis and massages and facials. I want to buy that gorgeous Vince leather jacket in Bloomies. I want to work not for money but just for fun.”

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