Put a Ring on it

I have my moments, but I really am a low-maintenance girl when it comes getting gifts. My boyfriend in college got me this ring that I loved and cherished for some time, but the types of gifts that really get me going are: a guy cleaning the dishes and/or buying me a six-pack of Reese’s Cups that I don’t have to share…not even a nibble.

There is something great about someone knowing you enough to get you a great gift, but c’mon, you’re more likely to get yourself the perfect thing. Which I did. I love me, so I went and put on ring on it.

2013-06-18 18.22.29

This ring was a graduation gift for owning four years of school and staying sane 98% of the time. It’s a blue Druzy Stone by the Designer Marcia Moran. Druzy is a soft stone that is frequently dyed a variety of colors and can be a “raw form” like what  I have or smoothed down and then covered in a gloss.

2013-06-18 18.22.16

I love it for its unique shape, the color, and the slight sense of empowerment; girls are always expected to get jewels from a guy, but why not for themselves?

2013-06-18 18.22.53

Kiss the ring, betches,

2013-06-18 18.23.09

Casual Bottle Bomb



An update! Some time ago when I first started this blog I mentioned a pink ring I have from my late-grandmother’s jewelry box. I wasn’t sure about the stone at the time, but a jeweler took a quick look at my finger and informed me that was a Pink Star Sapphire. Pink Star Sapphire stones are known for their color and a white X (star) that shines across the center. The jeweler told me mine was even more unique because it had double-Xs and, yes, those tiny clear stones on the side are diamond flecks.

2013-06-18 19.29.00

Wearing you proud, gram!

Wearing you proud, gram!

They say you’re lucky if you have one good ring in life and look at me with two 😉


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