The Prohibition Pig

I’m not from a big city like New York or LA where people have the luxury of staking their foodie loving claims to boroughs or East .vs. west.  I went to college in Burlington, Vermont where, for few blocks, you had a plentiful enough choice of food—you just had to take into account: your hormone level (every PMSing lady should eat at fried and cheesy and boozy El Gato, no exception), patience for waiting, wallet size, and international taste bud preference. Some of the up and coming restaurants (notably under the umbrella of The Farmhouse) are located in this tiny city.

However, the cream of the crop food-eries lie outside of the small state’s fabled city. In fact, the best one, Hen of the Woods, is six miles from my new spot in Waterbury. Of course, I haven’t saved up the money to go there yet (rustic doesn’t always mean cheap in Vermont, mind you), but I was super excited to try out another well talked about location: The Prohibition Pig. Anything that involves meat and the term libations is is bound to get me going.


The bar is cozy, filled with bottles of whiskey, good gin, and the sound of well loved shaker. The food comes out on metal plates covered in pieces of brown parchment paper. I even set aside my gluten issues just so I could have the “garnish” of hush-puppies, and I was more than willing to pay the extra for duck fat fries, which. Are. Crazy. Divine.

I’m sure if you’re from the south and pray at the church of BBQ this place wouldn’t make it on your list, but for us Vermonters, even us healthy ones, who are tired of the flowery phrases evoking sultry images of lucky fiddleheads picked fresh from fields nestled amongst nettle and the freshest local produce, this restaurant serving up meaty, yet light, dishes will make it not only onto, but to the top, of our lists.





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