Pin It Monday #2

Some of my favorite pins from this week. Check out all my interests @ Jocellyn88


leather jacket

I adore leather jackets. Not the hard ones that are fit for riding a Hog, but the soft, supple ones that are meant to be worn when walking to a pricey restaurant or out to a bar that serves equally pricey cocktails. You. Can. Never. Have. Enough. Leather. Goods.

white room

After 9 months of inhabiting a living room cum bedroom that had energy sucking navy blue walls, I craveeee clean, white paint. The brightness is great for creativity and lounging, and good gosh would I create and lounge all over this room!

kim phuc

I’m sure every reader has seen the iconic photo of the naked child who’s covered in agonizing napalm, running away from a village. That girl was Kim Phuc, who grew up to be an extraordinary woman who runs The Kim Foundation International. The article attached to this pin can be found here.


Last week I was all about eating simple. Quick salads with a few ingredients that had enough texture and taste to give the teeth and tongue something to play with, but nothing overwhelming for the intestines. Eggs are  my favorite food, asparagus is a great, meaty vegetable, and kalmata olives are always a classy addition.

 black woman white bathing suit

Clearly, I missed the memo; all I really needed this summer was a white bikini and a cover up.




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