Pin It Monday #3

My top Pinterest picks of the past week. For all my pins and boards, check me out at Jocellyn88

big couch

In many cases, size does matter, and couches are no exception. This a couch a student can sprawl out on with fifteen different resources and write a paper. This is a couch you can make love on. This is a couch you can rough-house with your kids on. This is a couch you can gather with your girlfriends on and cry over a breakup. This couch will. be. mine.


opulent bathroom

I could be a kept woman as long as this bathroom was part of the deal….


tiny bedroom

Messy people shouldn’t have big bedrooms. I don’t think I could possibly mess up a cute little hole in the wall set up like this, but would I feel a little claustrophobic like an inmate or cocooned and cozy, like during my nine-month stint in the womb?


tiny cabin

I really like “tiny houses” I think they’re so adorable. While I can marvel at mega mansions, the idea of having a house with umpteen unused rooms, rooms that are perfect for ax murders and demons to hide in, doesn’t appeal to me that much.



I'm just too Twitter popular ;)

I’m just too Twitter popular 😉

I put the leather at the end,  just to trick everyone into thinking it wouldn’t find its way onto this week’s PIM list…but it did. This Yigal Azrouel coat is fabbbbbulous. And, at almost 3k, it’s very thrifty because you can remove the black, fuzzy section and wear it as a vest. Would it be uncouth of me to crowd fund this fashionable purchase?




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