Color Me Pink

When I do move away from my neutrals and darks I tend to gravitate towards pink. It compliments my skin tone and I never feel uncomfortable wearing the hue. This is a perfect summer color and goes so well with my tan Seychelles. The length of the dress is a nice change from short hemlines of daisy dukes and baby-doll dresses, while still accentuating any dips and curves you might have. It also looks fabulous knotted, and the slight constriction gives a heel-wearing lady a slight wiggle in the walk, without it being too Betty-Boop.

2013-07-20 19.44.54

2013-07-20 19.46.36

My work has a casual dress code, so I plan on wearing this around the office often, but I also think it’ll be a good coffee shop look (though, maybe with flats or boots instead). I found this $2 leather clutch at the Goodwill which easily fits my Nook, phone, and wallet, which is all you really need while sipping coffee, or hot chocolate in my case, since I like to nourish the inner five year old. The difference between the black and the pink is a grown up homage to that faux-emo-feminine stage all girls go through, but this one is much better looking and subtler 😉

2013-07-20 19.47.38

The one downside of this dress is the fabric is very thin, and it’s hard to hide most underwear beneath it. Lace bands were a no-no; bikini bottoms left lines by the cheeks; thongs showed through, and nothing is trashier than a thong line (plus, it kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a thong, right?)

2013-07-20 19.45.27

So before I can take this dress for a spin I’m on the hunt for a seamless bottom, and I might have to get some Commandos the next time I’m in Burlington. They’re pretty expensive, but if you have an outfit or two that could benefit from a nonexistent line, it might be a worthwhile investment. Since I got this dress on clearance at Old Navy for $10, I might be able to summon up the money from my piggy bank.





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