Pin It Monday #4

My top 5 pins of this past week. Check out all my pins @ Jocellyn88

orange pillow

Leather, of course, but this week instead of being in the form of a purse or a jacket it’s in a squishy pillow. I wish I had this pillow today. I woke up with a temperature that sank low and is finally evening out. I could have used it on the couch, pressing my overly hot body into the cool textile Plus, the color is very perky and upbeat.


Vroom, Vrooooooom! This is very, very cool. Its sassy and cheeky and curv-tastic, but far from crass.  I’d totally rock this on a t-shirt with cut offs and a leather sling purse. Check out Dutch artist Parra.


Is this real? Can I get a table at this event? There is only one downside: lots of wine leads to frequent tinkle time, and I hope people would be kind enough to swim back to shore 😉


After spending year living in a living room, I wish my layout could have been so tranquil and good looking, but I was beholden to dark, energy sucking walls, outlets that were never in convenient spots, a lease that prevented me from punching holes in the ceiling.


I like this backyard pool. It’s a mature layout, void of blow-up pool toys, foam noodles, a slide, and kids you have to keep a watchful eye over. Please note the nice covered space and open sections for sunning, and you have my dream backyard!




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