Let the wild “romp”-us begin!

The romper is an interesting article of clothing. Why? Because no one ever looks truly stunning in a romper. You have to pray that your torso length and inseam all coalesce into the designers dream proportions. Often times they do not, leaving you with too much bag in the lower area (or even worse, not enough!) and a top that hangs loose or tugs too tightly across the chest. And I wasn’t blessed with a wide, swaying set of hips, but gosh I can only imagine the dilemmas those bones would throw into the mix.

2013-07-20 19.52.00

Instead, you have to settle with what looks the best. Why bother with an ill-advised fashion choice? Because something about them makes you feel comfortable and cute, like a baby in a onsies, but also statuesque, like a model on her day off walking around Paris or London. You feel airy, like when you’re wearing a dress, but you can sit without crossing your ankles, and you can even splay your legs wide on green summer grass, like all the dudes trying to cool off 😉

I think I might have found my perfect fit with this second hand Old Navy find.

2013-07-20 19.55.25

The ruffles are cute and don’t actually make my chest look horrifically large, as ruffles tend to do The color is intense, yet still muted. The length isn’t too long, but not so short that that I’m constantly checking the cheeks, and its loose for those really muggy days where it seems like every pore in my body is working overtime. Bonus, they have pockets, so I can really be all brooding and pavement stomping.

2013-07-20 19.58.50

Rompers are also functional day to night pieces. You can go simple and wear them with flats and boho necklaces, and at night you can rev up the accessories, for a harder look. Also, they’re perfect when you don’t feel like wearing that mini-skirt, but jeans seem sweltering.


a cute little 99 cent find.

a cute little 99 cent find.


What have your experiences with rompers been? Good, so-so? Or has a romper left you screaming to the hills to hide?




5 thoughts on “Let the wild “romp”-us begin!

  1. Cute. I’ve been interested in rompers but don’t think I could pull it off. And am in agreement with the size issues…or at least I imagine I’d have those issues. I can’t wear one piece bathing suits because my halves don’t seem to match well enough. I aught to be adventurous and try some rompers on though because who knows.

    Awesome post name.

    • Thank you! I try to think I”m clever with naming and such :-p Yes, try lots on. I’ve had a few ill-advised romper purchases, but I’m really liking this one. And same on the one piece’s; Just when I think they’ll look cute I’ll turn around and go “yikes!”

    • Knowing your body type is so, so important; you look great in all your posts! I’ve gone through many a bad-romper before finding this one. I wish I had long limbs to make overalls look chic, but alas!

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