Pin It Monday #5: A little belated.

I’m sorry I’m a day late with Pin It Monday, but I have a good excuse!

You see, my roomie is an awesome gal, but our schedules are so opposite, so when we get the chance to see each other we catch up and drink good dranks; blogging is great, but the real world is often nice as well.

But enough with the excuses and niceties, and let’s get to the pinning lust. For all my pins, follow me at Jocellyn88


1. Big, mysterious sun glasses, a silk Hermes scarf to cover the hair, and several permanent reservation at quaint brunch places in Europe is what my amazingly sophisticated and affluent counterpart would have…along with this car. Beep Beep!

 2. Those legs, those hips, that hair, that ability to wear a one piece and look the epitome of fabulousness; Oh envy, you cruel beast.

 3. I want to know who these perfect women are who have clutter free bed side tables and excellent taste in flowers. My bedside surface harbors  a cup of water that hasn’t been touched in days, a laptop, a dorm-style lamp that has the cups on the side which are filled with pencils and other random junk, and sometimes pieces of crust I don’t eat a la 4-year old style.

 4. Same with these perfect writers who have clean desks. I gave up on desks at 21, after I realized they just became another space to lay my refuse—toast crust included.

 5. I recently started following Twistdee on Instagram. I love how she experiments with different layers, subjects, and it’s a nice break from all the fashion, yoga, food, and attractive Italian men I follow.

 6. I adore headstands, and I’m very slowly working on the variation where my arms are free to flutter like a bird and my neck stands strong and alone…but this just takes things to a whole beautiful, new level.






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