I get on kicks. I was all about the avocado for months, and it seemed like that kale was a staple in my fridge for eons. Of course, I enjoy trying new things, and picky eater is not a term I would give to myself, but I have to remind the shopping list and my tongue to try new things; everyone, even lovers of food, get stuck in ruts. When food patterns plague me my favorite places to branch out is the fruit and produce section.

2013-05-07 12.02.13

This is a papaya. It is a delicious fruit, which I embarrassingly hadn’t tried unless it was mixed into a fruit salad at a big event, which undoubtedly meant it was canned in a thick syrup. Freshly cut papaya meat yields a subdued orange tinge, compared to the packaged version that is a brighter and almost red.

2013-05-07 12.02.31

2013-05-07 12.06.44

It’s a beautiful fruit. The slippery seeds look like caviar and the “membranes” (the stringy bits holding the seeds in) are far easier to remove from the fruit, compared to the equally lovely pomegranate, which you have to admit is very cumbersome to deal with!

2013-05-07 12.02.50

As with all fruits they can be eaten as is, but a little squeeze of lemon makes the papaya sweeter.  The rind is hard enough that a spoon won’t break it, so there is no need to employ any slicing and dicing skills or dishes that inevitably need to be washed.

I like papaya because it is has a gentle taste. It isn’t tart like the bold blueberry, or overly sweet like a cherry. It has a cooling touch, a smooth, rich mouthfeel, and its subtle flavor makes it a perfect fruit to savor, but no judgment if you are in that greedy-must-devour mood—it happens to the best of us.





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