Helmut Lang Lust

I believe I belong in Europe, surrounded by people who relish the color black and fashionably stun with simplicity and good tailoring. Which is why my heart sings whenever I see the Helmut Lang ads following me around—thank you internet cookies!

fashion collages1

Helmut Lang clothing can take a simple item, like a tank top, and add an unexpected angle to the straps that takes it from shlumping around the house to getting ready for a nice restaurant. It can also go really over the top, like with the cuts of their leather jackets and cardigans, but the dark colors calm the look down.

I’ve been lucky enough to touch a Helmut Lang jacket (that cost 1.5x my monthly rent! Eek!), but if I could have a closet filled with the brand it would probably look something like this.

fashion collages2

Maybe it was the years I spent between 13 and 16 wearing tons of ripped Abercrombie and Fitch denim, but when it comes to jeans I now strive for simplicity. A good wash, no major butt-pocket detailing, and something that highlights the bum-bum shape to the best of its ability, regardless of whether working out is a life essential. I think this wash wouldn’t lend itself to a black blouse, so this white one with the subtle detailing on the back would be perfect. And this cardigan that looks equally great open as a it does closed will have people using the term “take your jacket off and stay awhile” quite a lot.

fashion collages3

As a legging-ista, I of course want a pair of leather pants. These have cute zippers on the back, and could go well with any shirt (dressed up or dressed down), but I think I’d need to go all out with a loose, silky, purple top so the look isn’t too form fitting. This jacket has a similar cut to the cardigan, but comes up at an angle from the back, making it more than a basic black jacket.

fashion collages4

I’m much of more of a dress girl than the skirt type, especially when it comes to long skirts. I feel like the boho-look doesn’t go with my image, and I have yet to find a cute mini that doesn’t like to scoot up after every step. This skirt, while long, is fitted, has interesting rouching, and the shorter side is a great detail; the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t want to take away from the skirt by going too daring up top, so a simple tank would be in order.

If all goes well in 5-years, I’ll be living in Berlin and maybe purchasing one Helmut piece every few months 😉

Love (or should I say “Liebe”),



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