Pin It Monday #6


1. I love a good coffee and tea shop when I have time to sit down and read a book, but when it comes to making a grab and skedaddle I think a little mobile set up like this would be really cute. Bonus, I wouldn’t feel like my in and out was bothering people deep in their bookish contemplations.

 2. I’m a child of the 90s through and through: juice boxes, light up sneakers, Rugrats, and the last era of kids who were locked outside on the weekend to run around instead of graze in front of the T.V. That being said, I still am interested in the 80s and the big hair, the disco balls, and the sequins. At best, it probably looked a lot like this.

 3. This tub overlooking the forest would be great for afternoon soaks on sunny days and even cozy on rainy afternoons with the raindrops battering the window. However (and a big however), I don’t think I could bring myself to light candles and use it at night, lest a truly creepy character be lurking outside waiting to kill me and splatter my blood all over that pristine, white room.

 4. Big fancy bookcases (built to hold many “leather bound books”) bore me. Often times they’re made for show, but this bookcase could hold records, cook books, children’s stories, and outdated Fodor’s from places a person has traveled (or hopes to travel). There likely won’t be any first editions, limited editions, or Greek tales that put most high schoolers to sleep, but it would be a well-loved and accessible collection.

 5. Fall is approaching, which means I’m on the hunt for a new pair of leather boots. For years I wanted Frye’s, but whenever I look at the construction of them in stores I’m never fully sold. I think these Hidalgo boots would be the cutest for crunchy leaves.

6. My apartment is cute, but simple. Whenever I see cute, but simple apartments on Pinterest they seem filled to the brim with knickknacks. Simplicity is left to minimalist houses that are blindingly white and built in Scandinavia and inhabited by cherub-like children who play with wooden block toys. So I love this tiny place with no trappings.

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