Yoga Timelapse

Some people start their yoga practice at home. They find it more accessible, less daunting, cheaper, or maybe they don’t live in an area that is filled with studios. I, like many, started the other way, which was surrounded by other students and lead by a teacher. It has taken me years to find a home practice. For a long time I was too hard on myself. I thought I had to be able to bend and breathe for an hour, or that I had to hit every muscle group, or that I needed to be unrolling my mat every day and performing beautiful feats of handstanding. I’ve finally gotten over that, and I realize that 30 minutes some days, 15 minutes other days, and perhaps not even at all, is exactly what I need, and sometimes I prefer to reach my hands toward the sky instead of planting them on the ground.

A home practice is  beautiful and fun because it allows you to treat yourself. You can do all the things you want, the things that make your body feel good, and slowly address the postures that make you shudder. If you have any injuries a home practice also helps you protect and nurture them; it can be terrible to go to a class with a knee problem and realize that everything involves bending the knee. As a teacher (well, a teacher who hasn’t been working in months, sigh) a home practice gives me time to think of sequences, as I really enjoy thinking of creative ways to go from standing to seated to twisted to upside down. And, possibly best of all, I get to wear my really fun second hand NASCAR tank top that doesn’t stay put when I flip upside down and not feel like I’m offending the person behind me; the simple things.

I hope you enjoy this video, as I enjoyed the practice 🙂




One thought on “Yoga Timelapse

  1. Damn, girl! I feel like I haven’t even tried my hand at real yoga yet. I started (or still practice) at home and I can’t attempt some of the moves I see – not including those moves I just saw in your video. Btw, how long was that yoga sequence for you?

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