PIM # 7: Homes and Rooms

This past week was a little Pinning-Lite, so instead I chose my favorite pins from my board Homes & Rooms. I chose this board because while I was home this weekend I watched a least six home buying/renovating shows on HGTV with my parents. On the flip side we watched no less than five episodes of Storage Wars Texas; Thank goodness for Riesling. Check out all my pins and boards over at Jocellyn88


1. I hate ill-used rooms in houses, whether they be formal dining areas that only get love on the holidays or creepy attics filled with spider webs and musty boxes. This is a great use of space, and even though it’s likely a walk from the bedroom, it’s so luxe. In the words of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, if this was my closet I’d probably say “I’m going on an adventureeee!” every time I went to it.

2. I don’t think my nudist habits would jive with this house, unless I lived on a very private property where only moose, bears, and other wild life would see any T&A, but I might just tackle the dark state of Alaska, with its acres of untouched land, because this house is just too cool.

3. Not only do the cubbies serve as a room divider, but they’re also very inexpensive and the different sizes are functional, making them great for holding books, plants, photos, and maybe even some fancy bottles of liquor.

4. Throw some cushions on the bench, and your bum would be the master of the morning as it decides whether it wants a sturdy chair or soft, pillowy give.

5. As a young gymnast comfortable flinging my body around in space, the last “toy” I was getting was a trampoline in the backyard. Whenever the idea came up my parents scared me with stories of leery home insurance workers who’d peek over the fence in search of a jumping apparatus and an excuse to raise the insurance rate.  Looking back I see inherent danger and invitation to break an arm, but I think one that isn’t raised above the ground (and also serves as a sweet diving board) is much safer. Never will I deny my kids such joy as I was denied.

6. New Englander’s understand that nothing lasts year-round. The joys of sitting outside are quickly stamped out by the first frost, which is why this indoor swing-hammock hybrid is perfect. Rain, sleet, snow, and unbearably hot afternoons are no longer a deterrent to getting your weightlessness on.






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