Down for the Count: Strep

I didn’t like being told I had to look at an upward-diagonal direction as a nurse came at the back of my throat with a very long Q-tip. The only thing anyone has the right to slam into my mouth and towards my sensitive gag reflex are those greasy, cheesy, delicious steak and cheese subs you can get outside of Red Square bar on Church Street, Burlington, and I like to look a man (or woman) in the eye when they’re about to cause me some kind of pain. Hurting someone when they ain’t looking is cowardly. I grimaced. I gagged. But it was not all in vain, as the rapid-test came back with a positive for strep throat.

Now, I have a feeling I’ll be down for the count this weekend, so you might not hear from me into the weekly PIM. It also means I most definitely cannot try out that infused vodka for 10 days….The whole not being able to have a glass of wine or cocktail is a point as sore as my tonsils, but I’m trying to think of at least one positive: a license to eat all the Chocolate Coconut ice cream my little heart desires, as ice cream is one of the few foods that can slip unnoticed past my grossly enlarged tonsils and uvula. I suppose life could be worse.


Normally I say love, but instead I’m being selfish: send me love! and get well thoughts! and also Netflix movie recommendations….especially Netflix movie recommendations! 😉



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