Pin It Monday #8

When you spend the weekend cooped up in your apartment, sick and a slave to antibiotics and mushed up bananas, your mind starts drifting to the polar opposite. Instead of big robes and comforters filled with all sorts of germs, mugs, and uncleaned dishes I couldn’t clean because it made no sense to clean until I was no longer “contagious”, my mind wander to elegance and anything unrelated to sweat pants.


1. This gauzy dress cooly walks the hard-to-balance-on line between fashion that is wearable and fashion that only eccentric 90-year old heiresses of old oil tycoon families would wear.

2. Where oh where does one even begin? Forget someday wanting to own a Hermes or Celine. Give me a fan made of feathers plucked from the finest bird, PETA be damned!, that I can artfully arrange around my nudity. 

3. Despite the implied sauciness, I love the androgyny of this look and the hat that would make Rose Dawson proud.


4. I have a little bar area set up in the living room, so I’m always fascinated by how people chose to display their libations. Sleek and understated, with liquors used for simple drinks, I imagine the owners of this set up aren’t the type to lavishly entertain with their open floor plan kitchens, but instead pour easy gin and tonics for friends.

5. This coat wouldn’t work during winters, as the bottom would be brown and filthy from all the snow and salt, but during the fall this hem line would flirt with leaves.  And of course the wearer would get flirted with as well, because any coat that can maintain a woman’s shape while being stylish and functional will have everyone sneaking glances and plotting wardrobe heists. 

6.  I don’t like to keep things huddle away in drawers or behind doors. Instead, I like them proudly displayed, whether they be bracelets, a fancy perfume bottle, or nail polishes. And although I’m not one for smoking, I have to admit that is one fancy lighter.



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