Corn Hole

I don’t purposefully try to take breaks from blogging, but I find that something always crops up—in this case the long weekend and some time spent getting over strep—that coaxes me away from the typing, the picture taking, the pinning, and the BlogLovin’ snooping. I’m thankful for it, because while I love writing, it can be so easy to lose passion and/or burn yourself out, or forget that there are real live human beings to interact with. I notice I usually come back from these sabbaticals with a renewed zest for typing about the little things in life that I enjoy.

I hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend. Mine was spent taking an overnight trip to Maine to get the car that I just leased (!) and catching up with my roommate over House of Cards  (watch if you haven’t!)  and tea. If rain was in the forecast in your state, I hope there was enough time to get outside with friends and families to eat, drink, and break out the lawn games for one last rally.


Stalking my neighbors

Stalking my neighbors



…speaking of outdoor fun, did anyone get around to playing corn hole this holiday? It’s kind of like mini-golf and bocce got together and made a real interesting lookin’ child.  I first encountered this game in North Carolina during my Freshman year of college. Water bottle filled with very, very bad Franzia White Crisp wine in hand, the booze courage encouraged me to toss the bag with abandon, winning and losing alongside the frat brother who took me on as a partner. If you haven’t, there’s always next year.

Coming in hot.

Coming in hot.


A most treacherous course.

A most treacherous course.




2 thoughts on “Corn Hole

  1. I keep telling myself I’ll watch House of Cards every time i see it on the Netflix front page, but still haven’t gotten around to it. Anyway I’ve never seen that game before, but it looks awfully fun!

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