Liebster #2!

The other day I was nominated for the Liebster Award! I was awarded back when the blog first started, so I won’t be technically “accepting” the prize, but I still said I’d answer the questions. I honestly had a ball with these, as they are so different from the usual favorite designer, favorite food, place you’d want to visit sort of questions. Go check out Cavegirl MBA, for great posts on staying business savvy!


1. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

I wanted to be pizza maker and also a “whale back rider.” It was the early 90s and I had just seen Free Willy and thought it would be so great to ride on the back of a whale, regardless of the fact that I couldn’t swim….Now we have a little more knowledge about the consequences of keeping Orcas at parks, so I’m glad that never came to pass.

2. What does it say on your business card now? How far is that from your dream job?

We had to make business cards senior year of college. I wasn’t sure, so I put on everything:

Writer & Editor ; Freelance Yoga Teacher; and as my website. Its all pretty accurate! I’m still fresh out of school, but maybe my dream job would be “Managing Editor”

3. How would you explain interest rates to a four-year old?

Oh geesh, children scare me so just the thought of answering it gives me the heeby geebys. Maybe I’d say, “You know how sometimes you have good dream and sometimes you have scary dreams? Well, interest rates are sort of like that. You never go if they’ll be good or bad!” …Boy, I”m a cynical mom.

 4. Would you rather choose ten weeks of holiday or a ten-percent increase in net salary?

Right now I’d probably take the pay raise, as I don’t have nearly enough money to be taking fun vactions. Plus it can go right into my 401k, which is going towards the “big” vacation we call retirement. But I also feel like this might be a trick question 😉


5. Is there any company you really admire, but whose products you still do not buy? And is there any company you really detest, but whose products you still buy?

Mmmm, I make a point not to buy Chiquita bananas, as the company use the funds to fuel guerrilla warfare. So many food companies have horrid pasts, but once I actively now about them I do my best to avoid them. When choosing companies to admire there is a lot that goes into cementing those moralst: do you want to be concerned about human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, etc. It all gets very confusing and usually you cannot have it all. I admire companies that make products that are made to last. Planned obsolescence is despicable. I guess I would have to say companies that make good, sturdy clothing that you could pass down to children….or nieces, since we’ve already talked about how children scare me.


6. How would you define the limit between corporate gifts and bribery? Is it monetary value only?

I understand the bare bones concept of corporate gifts and bribing, and I even looked up a few sites to find out more about it, but I won’t try to pretend I’m in the know. To kind of create and answer my own question, I have the most experience in seeing how this is handled in the blogging world through ad space and c/o (courtesy of). I would be lying if I said I’d never want to receive something to try out or wear from a company. Sadly, I feel like a lot of bloggers don’t give their true opinion, and when they are constantly gifted their voice starts to change and become watered down. In real life if someone gives you something you don’t like you smile and accept it anyway. But with blogging when a company sends you something you’re essentially a form of very cheap P.R. for them. Keep it tactful, but keep it truthful. Never sell yourself out and never shill (its always so obvious anyway.) I think more companies will respect you.

7. Suit & tie or business casual? Or bikini? Or…?

I want to own a business so I can set my own dress code. Thankfully, the place I work is  business casual, but I think people should wear what makes them comfortable. I’d much rather see someone in a “sharp” pair of dark wash denims, nice shoes, a great shirt, and some tasteful accessories looking like themselves than a suit that is just not their style. Of course it is always nice to go super formal from time to time!


8. What was the coolest thing you ever bought? Why?

For most of college I worked at The Goodwill, which gave me an inexpensive but very fabulous wardrobe. I came across a lot of great stuff, like this vintage Kitchen Aid mixer from the late sixties. It even has the original tempered glass bowl. It’s a beast and those models go for upwards of $200 on ebay. Things were just made better back then. Oh yeah, I got it for $9.99!

9. What was the most expensive thing you ever bought? How long did it take until you got used to having it?

Its a tie between the laptops I got going into college and just recently and the Canon camera and lens I purchased a few weeks back. Even if you are careful with things your parents buy you, you’re just way more aware of an item when you’ve bought it yourself. You try to keep it running perfectly, you keep it away from bad things, you hold onto it a bit too long. Its sort of like a mini-child! Laptops are something I use everyday so there wasn’t a whole lot of getting used it, but I’m still getting used to having an expensive, nice camera. Also, why do I keep going back to children?

10. Please complete the following sentence:

Money is….., and success is ……

Money is something I think about too much at times, but I always want to be able to fully support myself.

Success is hard won and sometimes bitter sweet.


Thank you Cave Girl MBA for thinking of me! Now go check her and the other recipients out as well!





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