Goodbye, sweet mint

Have you seen Ida Laerke? She is well known on the Instagram circuit for her well composed and gloomy-colored-yet-somehow-happy shots of flowers (and her beautiful cherub of a baby, Saxo). I like to pretend I’m her sometimes, snapping photos of uncomfortable plumage that just want to photosynthesize in peace.


I initially retrofitted the top of my bar cart as a sunny spot for Hector my cactus ( a post to come on him soon) and my newly transplanted mint leaf that I snipped from my roommate’s plant; she of course knew!


I desired a mint leaf plant for the pure sake of harvesting and did not go about naming it, much like people who coop chicken for the purpose of turning them into elegant roasted breasts sprinkled in rosemary or free-range nuggets for their children. The mint leaf would be used for the sole purpose of mojitos: boozy, rush to your head mojitos.


Two weeks later and I just threw out the plant which tried so hard to live, and thrive, and fulfill its purpose for “local” drinks and bragging rights.

I’ll always have the photos.

Love (and R.I.P),



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