PIn It Monday #9

Life feels 100% back on track and I’m back on my Pinterest schedule. Here are my six favorite pins of the week. I’m expecting the new season to bring a new slew of interests, including lots of foliage and scarves.


1. A blog I enjoy popping over to is Sheer Embellished. She does the “louder” fashions I admire (but usually feel uncomfortable wearing) and makes them seem plausible for my aesthetic. I can totally see myself wearing stripes and leopard together and feeling both polished and bold. Her site also features a great mix of slightly expensive items that are splurge worthy, but not completely out of reach!

 2. Where are all the men that dress this way? Gosh, I think I need to move to a city!

3. I love my old steel pipe close hanger from the days of living in a living room my senior year of college (which sounds so grungy-idyllic, but had more cons than pros). Of course, I didn’t buy a stud finder, and I bought the wrong length of piping so I had to kind of use a stack of books to level everything off. It was…interesting…so I admire this set up which not only has great flow, but also shelves for the finer things a person might have and wish to display—no books needed, unless they were for display purposes!


4. In high school I dated this guy whose parents had a beach house. For years I had never been “into” the beach, until that weekend. The sound of the waves crashing on the sores was relaxing and even on the ickier days, it was still so nice to go walking a mile in one direction, the sharp smell of salt filling the nostrils, calves burning and toes sandy. Show me a fixer-upper on the beach and I’ll buy it!

 5. I don’t feel like it’ll be appropriate to delve too deeply into my utter, obsessive love of Reeses’s Cups, or else we’ll get into the realm of 50 Shades of Grey (in this case 50 Shades of Hersey Park…)

 6. Usually the bar carts you see on Pinterest are gold, chrome, and sophisticated, yet very girly. This one is masculine, and if I walked into someone’s apartment and saw this I’d probably pull a Maeby Bluth and say “marry me!”




4 thoughts on “PIn It Monday #9

    • Thank you so much 🙂 I actually got nominated for one last week, which was my second, so I believe I have to decline 😦 However, I will write a blog post about your blog and send people in your direction.

      Thank you for the kind thought,

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