Outdoor Yoga

Sometimes the body is stubborn and doesn’t like to balance or go quietly into poses. It fights back in wobbles and tight muscles. Or maybe the mind is stubborn for expecting the body to resign so easily every session. Lately, I’ve been trying to go into my practices with no expectations. Maybe I want to open up the back, but I do not expect full, curving greatness; I just want to move the spine. Or maybe I want to be upside down and I’ll flip on my hands regardless of how much I end up wavering. And some crazy days I even do all ab burning postures and thank my lucky stars I’m not surrounded by people, as my belly shakes because I have literally. No. Abdominal. Strength.

This type of thinking has been paying off well, and I’ve had some of the best, relaxing, stretching practices of the year. Saturday was the first time I was able to do formidable chin pose. My left side split hadn’t felt so good since the long-gone days of gymnastics.  My warrior was fierce and strong.

(taken a few days later)

(taken a few days later)



Ps: this practice was approx. 30 minutes in real-time and I did 30 minutes of fooling around in arm balances and ab work before.


2 thoughts on “Outdoor Yoga

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