PIM #11


1. At my parents house there is a sun room. I used it occasionally throughout my childhood and now I wish I had spent every day in there. During the summer they’re glorious to sunbathe in and when it rains the pitter-patter off the glass is relaxing. This room is perfection. 

2. Put a few cozy chairs (or a big couch) on this bibliographic-mezzanine and I’d be a happy reader as I flipped through giant picture books of places I’d want to visit, read poems that embodied chaos, and got repeatedly lost in every Carl Hiaasen book.

3. Even though the pink and yellow colors are muted, there is a stark contrast to the white walls. I love the area to hang up cast iron pans, no fuss wine bottle holders, and a space for cutting boards, which you always want at hand.


4. I think backless dresses are the sexiest pieces of clothing ever and the silver/white detailing on the back and shoulders makes this look extra special. 

5. As cold weather starts to creep in the liquor cabinet gets shifted. Red wine comes back into my life, white rum grows  little dusty, and hot toddies become a bi-nightly (wait, who am I kidding: nightly) fall/winter event.

6. Idris Elba. MMMM, MMMM, MMMM. I can’t even pretend to spin classy phrases when describing him or dredge up elegant terms that roll off the tongue. He is just immaculate. End of story.





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