Pour: Tempranillo


I love dark chocolate. I love red wine. But rarely do these two loves ever come together, despite their very cliché pairing that is akin to the cheerleading captain and football QB being high school sweethearts. I tend to only buy these items in conjunction when I really need a pick me up and wine alone will not do. These sorts of purchases are also useful during tension with friends and lovers, breakups, or a really heinous bout of PMS.



In this case it was the need to shake off a dreary, long Thursday. My less than cheery mood was a great excuse to try out the wine bar and retail store in Waterbury. As expected there were very expensive bottles from exclusive vineyards, but I was able to find the “value section” and an $8 Tempranillo. On the way out I also grabbed two dark truffles. The first delicious nugget was lavender-chamomile—which was delicate—but my hands down favorite was the chipotle-cinnamon which had bite; it  only kicked my tongue with spiciness, and  then turned around and hugged it in rich chocolate.



I can safely say that after two chocolates and one (and a half) glasses of wine, I was ready to shake off the long Thursday and propel myself towards Friday.




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