Some people get dogs.

I have little love for pets (and children). Little love. It seems like all my friends are itching to get dogs or cats and it’s the last thing on my mind. Who would want to pay money on a thing that you can’t “really” communicate with, have to take on walks, and use a plastic bag to pick up after?! It doesn’t seem very practical. But I do admit that not having a living, breathing thing to take care of—be it a fur ball or a boyfriend—was making me feel a bit unneeded. So I got myself a plant pet: a cactus! I named it Hector, a potentially politically incorrect name, but it suits the little spike ball. It also suits me: interesting but a bit bristly. They do say pets take after their owners.


Cutest $3.50 spent.

Cutest $3.50 spent.

True, I almost killed Hector the first month because I was watering him 2x a week (I know a cactus doesn’t need water, but I figured it would want it), but after some cactus keeping lessons we’ve been getting along fine. He gets regular rotation in his window spot on the bar cart (a pretty awesome perch, if I do say so myself), and when it’s nice out he gets natural sunlight.  If you watch my lawn yoga video, he makes a sun bathing cameo.


He also has great taste in convertibles.

He also has great taste in convertibles.


If my future self came back and said, “Jocellyn, you’ll be 22, living in the woods, and you’ll sometimes talk to your cactus” I would have rolled my eyes with great theatrics. It’s funny how life works out.





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