Throw Back Thursday: Summer Snacks

Summer is technically gone, but I suspect it will try to peek back into our lives every so often with unseasonably warm days where we leave the house and realize we need to strip off a few layers, unwrap the scarves, and switch out the boots for sandals or flats.

In those cases, we should take advantage and remember those July days by kickin’ back and indulging in summer-themed food and drink.

If you’re like me and tend to buy more tomatoes then you ever get around to using, have the foresight and grab some onions, cilantro, lime (lemon is good too if you don’t have any limes), and you’ll have yourself a great bowl of Pico de Gallo that keeps in the fridge days. And for those who aren’t so sanctimonious, a dollop of sour cream is divine. I must warn that “Pico de” should be an alone-time food, as it is quite difficult to maneuver a tortilla stacked with produce and cream into ones mouth with finesse and class, and since this is a “comfort snack” one also shouldn’t feel compelled to maintain manners in front of people. Eschew class and shovel away.



Keep the South American theme going by kicking back with a refreshing mojito. I know that we all want Pumpkinhead ale and mulled wines, but winter is long in New England, and you don’t want to be stuck inside during a Nor’easter wishing you indulged in one more daiquiri, colada, or minty mojito. Trust me.









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