PIM #12

It’s good to be back on the blog. The weekend was great and weddings are a happy time. My family is crazy, just like everyone’s, and I bought the most uncomfortable shoes imaginable. You live and you learn.

To see all the selections I frantically made last night and this morning to ensure I had more than 8 photos to choose from, feel free to peruse all my boards and pins.



1. When I was younger I loved wearing heels. And then I moved to Burlington, Vermont, a city riddled with cobblestones and not lacking in steep hills. As time passed my ankles grew weak and unaccustomed to towering heights on thin stilts, so I now tend to lean towards chunkier styles. The gold plating on the back is a sophisticated touch. 

 2. I’ve seen movies on fur factories. And I used to hate my mother’s coat. But the older I get, the more I catch myself looking at these pieces (that some might find outdated and barbaric) for longer than I expected. Opinions aside, you have to admit they are very, very warm.

 3. A lot of fashion editorials look nice—some even beautiful—but for me it’s always a shock to see a photo that evokes emotion, the urge to splurge, and has me thinking “if I bought that piece I would look as amazing as that model.” I’m not sure the pants/hosiery someone would need to purchase to make the dress appropriate for wearing out, but when there is a will there is a way!



4. This photo doesn’t have the brute strength that #3 musters up, and it’s a little unsettling (a very childlike, pink dress and dainty pose juxtaposed against the harsh light and older onlookers), but it’s nonetheless a photo I want to jump into.

 5. During my sophomore year of high school I took a white water kayaking class. Being on the water was calm and relaxing, but also very scary, because water is an unbridled force of nature with the potential to kill. The way the waves pop up is beautiful, but the dark blues are a cold reminder.

 6. Someday I want to live in a penthouse (or at least very nice hotel suite). I want big, fluffy white sheets, a gold footed tub, and a comfortable rapport with the room service staff—in particular the weekend brunch employees. 





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