Don’t sip and shop


I think it’s no secret that I like to sip the libations. Champagne is bubbly and makes the brain feel fantastic. Ciders and wine make you feel a little heavy in the body, but all sorts of shmoozy. Hard liquor and cocktails are always a (mostly ) fun game of roulette: sometimes you’re philosophical, sometimes you’re down-right Ginsbergian, and every so often you’re just an ass. But I’ll all always be the first to admit that very smart things rarely come out of drinking, even if it’s just a two on the stupidity scale.

Perhaps you would have pondered that embarrassingly flirt-awkward text if you hadn’t had a martini. Or you wouldn’t have decided you were Wolf Gang Puck when the only thing your body with a belly full of hefeweizen should be whipping up is a piece of bread; drunk kitchen Youtube is great, but drunk kitchen real life is often too chaotic. You don’t have to be a fall down-drunk (that’s a whole other scenario) but when drinking the brain is often at A even if your body is at C.

Shopping when you’ve had a few, especially if the mode of purchase happens to be online, is best avoided. A few months ago I decided to cash in on a Living Social deal. For $25 dollars I would become the proud owner of a Bollywood inspired set of stacking bracelets that regularly retailed for $100. Even better, I had waited until the end of the month to scoop up the extra 20% off code.


Thrifty, I am. When sober….

I can’t remember what I was drinking (I think it was during my “just-discovering-gin-phase”) but I put in my card information and pressed enter. Immediately I realized I forgot to put in the discount code and frantically hit the backspace key. What was I thinking? Even my computer illiterate mother (sorry mom) knows better than that. I reran the order and felt very proud of myself. Until I got 2 Gmail voucher alerts and realized that in my slightly-stupid desire to be cheap I ended up paying way more than I expected and wanted. Last week I finally used the voucher to buy the bracelets, and I still feel silly.


Thankfully I have this amazing friend to give the second set to as a belated birthday gift. Moral of the story: hideaway the credit cards and the laptop when the booze starts flowing.





Bracelet by Amrita Singh



8 thoughts on “Don’t sip and shop

  1. This is so true! I almost made an online purchase last night while hanging out with friends and drinking…I politely told myself “No!” and waited until this afternoon 🙂
    What a lesson learned too many times!

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