Homemade Energy Bars


This past week I bought ingredients to make homemade Laräbars. I really despise mass-produced energy snacks. In boarding school we used to get Cliff Bars on our outdoor trips, and I would always trade them for extra GORP.  Honestly, I’d have to be out at sea with no food or water before I could stomach one.

I find energy bars to be overly heavy, tasteless, and most of the times they are really just glorified candy. But bad tasting candy. Making them myself gives me more control of what is going into the bar (and thus my body), saves money, and is fun because you can tinker with new ingredients. These are a great at work snack and for those inclined to sweating, I’m sure they would be a nice post-workout boost.

Chill before slicing!

Chill before slicing!

I used this really simple ratio, which I would suggest because you get more leeway into deciding what nuts and dried fruits you can purchase. A lot ofLaräbar recipes insist on using Medjool dates, which can get pricey. Prunes, raisins, or cheaper dates are just fine!

In hindsight I would not have rolled the mixture out so thin, as I ended up with six very delicate bars and a medium size Tupperware filled with the cohesive-less “crumbles”, but these are much better than any store bought item and still delicious.




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