PIM #13

My Pinterest page, like many, is the not so subtle subconscious mind getting a say in. Even before food cravings kick in, it wants food pins. When I feel the need to nest and settle down I find myself searching homes and trying to imagine myself in them. I guess this week I’ve had the strong urge to feel sexy and pretty while also wanting to crawl into relaxation like it is the only thing I know how to do.


1. What female doesn’t have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence? She’s dorky, funny, self deprecating, has amazing hair, a cute body, and if she were my girlfriend  I know that if the world came to an end she would be able to provide for me, because I certainly wouldn’t provide for myself come winter. But, I guess I could live with her being just my best friend as well 😉

 2. My friend showed me some vintage nightgowns her aunt gave to her, and I thought these pieces were lovely too. There are a mixture of delicacy, sexiness without tawdriness, and the colors are great.

 3. Maybe if I sit like this and ponder I’ll look equally amazing. In a country so saturated by images of people wearing little clothing, I really enjoy nude photography that displays the body (maybe even more of the body!) while still retaining the beauty and integrity of a person.



4. I love this couples tub set up. You can feel romantic together, hold hands, even clink wine glasses, and you don’t have to worry about over flowing or sharing tub water, which, when you think about it, is a little icky….

 5. Every one of you knows I’m not for prints or loud colors, but there is something so fun about this room. I would be proud to call it my living space and I think my girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, would feel welcome, due to the great leopard print chairs.

 6. The hardest thing about New England winters is making the cold walk from the warm covers to the shower which can only be reached by passing through cold rooms and hallways. This tub/bedroom set up solves that chilly problem and makes for a complete relaxation room.

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