Periage Bacaretto Prosecco

There are many things in life where bigger and more is better:

Bigger bath tubs. More bacon. More candles. Bigger purses.

But sometimes I have to take a line from the Japanese Kawaii (cute) culture and agree that tiny things have the ability to wield great power.


I was visiting Maine a few weekends ago when I stopped into the health food store, Axis, in downtown Auburn. Except I wasn’t really looking for kale or other provisions one might stock up on in such establishments. I was looking for booze. Don’t get me wrong, co-ops have great meat, and always the best avocados, but also interesting wine brands that you won’t easily find in megastore. I cruised the shelves for the perfect bottle of bubbly to sip on before my brother’s wedding rehearsal dinner and then I saw this little cherub perched amongst bigger, more regal bottles.




The Japanese school girl inside me came crashing out.


愛 Ai (Love),

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