Julie Brown Splurge

Monelle on Church Street in Burlington is a cute little store to pop into. They don’t carry traditional “prep” clothing (i.e., you’d never see The Daily Prep’s Muffy Aldrich or any May Flower WASP descents shopping there), but they carry what I would call resort-prep. There’s nautical hints, statement jewelry, bright colors (that I’m surprisingly in love with), and going in there feels like a glitzy treat. It’s actually where I got my graduation purse from.

I’d like to say I went in the other weekend and bought a striking Kelly Green dress, but old habits die hard and I was drawn to this amazing black top by Julie Brown.



I love the construction and how it feels: soft yet structured. This shirt was definitely a huge splurge—$130—but the second I put it on it just “felt right.” I had to get it; the sales girls wouldn’t let me leave without it. If my parents ever find out how much it cost I’ll claim peer pressure and hostel takeover.

Business in the front

Business in the front

Flashy in the back!

Flashy in the back!

The top isn’t actual leather (a full leather top would be overwhelming expensive), but it’s made from high-quality faux-leather. It sounds weird, but if you’re the type who searches high and low for leather, you know how hard it is to find imitation material that feels good, looks amazing, and makes up the entire piece, unlike many tops that just have limited paneling and sheer, cotton backs.


I already wore it to my brother’s wedding rehearsal (see above) and to Hotel Vermont’s Juniper Bar for special drinks with the girls. I foresee a long, fashionable future.




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