PIM #14 (a little belated)

For being late and not posting last week, I have a slightly larger haul for PIM #14.  Plus there were too many great things to choose.

Also, a lot of exciting business is about to be happening on this page involving the revamped look (remember that?) so please stay tuned. Now that I’m finally feeling not so stuffy, I have the mental capacity to write again and I have lot of catch up.


1. Usually high fashion doesn’t do much for me. I have to feel like I can wear it. Make this dress a little longer in the front, throw on some black tights, and I’d feel fabulously elegant at a winter gala.

 2. This will be my future daughter: cute, sassy, swagalicous, fashionable, and did I say sassy? Also, I’ve been frantically searching for how to my scarves look like that.

 3. When many females think of pampering it’s massages, spas, and facials. If I were a guy pampering for me would be in the hair department: hot shaves and impeccable cuts with attention to detail. Without all the little “splurges” women can fall prey to (like new Essie polishes and plumping mascara), there might be extra cash reserves for this kind of session.


4. Little boxes—the pack rats friend—are good for storing knick-knacks, old photos (for those who still develop them), random items, and armies of pens. This will someday be my room. A pastel façade that hides all the clutter.

 5. I admit to being a baby about getting in the water. I don’t run in. I’m a Stage 5 toe dipper. I’m saving my pennies for the day I might have a home with a pool. I think this amazing set up would still count as “going swimming.” Plus I could fall asleep without the threat of drowning. And I could bring in pool side margaritas. I really see no downside.

 6. This soft furniture by Studio Dewi van de Klomp is something straight out of Beauty and the Beast.


7. In boarding school they wouldn’t let us put our mattress on the floor. We tried once, in great defiance, and lasted two nights before being strong armed into placing them back on their frames. I vowed that, when I grew up, I would do whatever I wanted with my bed. 4 years later and I’m sleeping on my box spring and metal frame. But I still appreciate the laid back placement.

 8. I think those who’ve been around me on a Saturday or Sunday morning know how  “polite as fuck” I won’t be if they don’t appease my brunch and mimosa lust.

9. The leaves are all on the ground. It’s time for me to rent a city bike for the afternoon so I can cruise along the bike path of Stowe, kick up my heels, and send colors or red and orange and yellow into the air. But really, is this note a photo of purse bliss and hapiness?

To see all my pins, and I’ve been very pin frantic lately, visit my page Jocellyn88




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