PIM #15


1. I wanted to see the Mona Lisa. And maybe gain some conversation prowess-lite. But I really went to France at 17 to drink wine and meet French boys. Don’t judge.  Anyway, these French boys used to call purses you used to have to carry in the crook of your arms “b!tch bags”, and sometimes I admit I feel a bit bitchy with my go-to purses. Maybe a shoulder bag wouldn’t be so, yoou know., bitchy?

 2. I find this to be the most beautiful yoga asana, and since I’m not even close to getting my leg behind my head it’s a distant ambition. It’s strength, elegance, balance, and concentration all wrapped into one leggy bundle.

 3. Infinity pools have never really done it for me. Infinity hot tubs are another story. How serene. How tranquil. How not the type of hot tub you have a few drinks in, lest you fall over the edge, but we all must make sacrifices, yes?


4. Whisky (Whiskey?) girl I am not. I don’t brag about being able to throw back any neat variations or swigs of Wild Turkey. But I do like a Whisky (Whiskey?) sour once in a blue moon and who knew they were so easy to make!

5. My biggest pet peeve with bath tubs is the lack of clutter space. I don’t bath simply.  I have a mixed drink, a book, my laptop for movies, a candle, etc, etc. I approve of this very wide lipped tub.

6. When I’m sick or have little ambition to move on the weekend I at least try to get at of bed. Even if getting out of bed means to the couch in the living room. This sort of set up would technically mean I got out of bed, but would shave several sleepy-tear-eyed shuffles off my weekend commute. It’d need to be a bit wider though. Just saying.

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