PIM #16

Since I started working my job, I’ve found different systems for organization, which made me realize my Pinterest could be far more streamlined. I’ve broken up many of my boards into more specific spaces and have renamed several for cohesion. Take a look at my reorganized pinning homes (right now the board “Feminine Things” is a new favorite).  Below are my four favorite pins of the week.


1. I’ve noticed the tied-around-the-waist look is coming back. I’m not sure it’s one I’ll hop back on board with, as I don’t need two decades worth of photography of hoodies cinched around my mid-section, but this street style shot is compelling. Even if the jacket stays above the belt, I like the mixing of colors—blue, black, grey, and white—and the variety of fabrics—canvas, leather, denim, and cotton. 

 2. I don’t think this Pin needs any explanation of why it is awesome. You either get it or you don’t. And if you get it you’ll be smart enough to bring orange juice over on the weekends.

 3. The Mercedes G-Wagon is my dream car. It’s big, bulky, terribly fuel inefficient, and the price tag is obscene. But it’s black, and sexy, and I would cruise over so many dunes and fields and vroom fast on idyllic New England back roads.

 4. What can I say? I’m a hot blooded female with an appreciation for a strong jaw, disheveled naughty-time hair, and “the V’s”.  




2 thoughts on “PIM #16

    • I’ve been wanting to reorganize for over a month, so it was definitely a full day project but a lot of fun. My friend played weird WWII video games and I made sure all my purses had their own board.

      And yes, everyone needs a champagne button.

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