PIM #17

This week was Pin crazy, as I’ve been working on filling my new boards and taking full advantage of these dark, daylight saving time evenings. To see my bevy of likes, visit my page!


1. American Apparel ads will always have people talking for both good and bad reasons. When it’s not scantily clad women splayed on questionable bed sheets, its these quirky editorials with lots of color and fun locations. It makes me want to go down to a mall arcade and play the car games which were the coolest thing pre-learners permit.

 2. One of the first sites I started following on WordPress was Black Espresso, which is the blog of interior architecture student Jade. She always has the best lipstick and a recent post of hers got me interested in Brutalist Architecture. I don’t think it’s a popular building type to like. It’s harsh, stark, dark, and a little foreboding, very post-war, but I totally dig it.

 3. My little black going-out purse is starting to show its age. Even though I wear the same color scheme, for the most part, I want to be assured that my purse will go with any and everything I feel like wearing out. Of course I could go with black again, but this clear look is making me consider a new path.


4. So you remember that song in the yoga video  I posted yesterday? This is the artist (Nu). He’s based out of Berlin, which is where I hope to someday live, and I think he’s as gorgeous as the music he makes.

 5. I didn’t think hot tubs could get better than the cabin-inspired infinity tub from PIM #16, but this one that starts inside and meanders to an outdoor ledge, likely overlooking the ocean, would be pure heaven on a starry night.

 6. The idea of a dog sharing a bed with me is about a 6 on a scale of one to annoyance. I’m selfish and like all the bed space to myself. Really, I’m a formidable blanket thief. But this little guy, with his cute little butt, would be more than welcome to drag his rumpus onto the bed for some afternoon cuddle-wuddling.




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