Coy Cardigan

Few things make me happier than cardigans. Like seemingly every woman, I run several degrees cooler than the average man, so being able to wrap myself up in extra layers is key during meetings and daily activities. The bigger, the bulkier, the better.

Except every now and then I go against my better judgment and buy a thin cardigan that not only does little to keep me warm, but also isn’t black or grey. Alas. For you pattern mixers and warm blooded ladies out there I’m sure these articles of clothing are right up your alley. A few weeks ago I would have gladly shipped this cardigan to you (gratis).


Thankfully I own a great, leather waist-belt. Waist belts save all. They give you a desirable waist. They add another layer of texture to an already awesome outfit. They can tame the typically unbridled ends of a cardigan and wrangle it into a suitable shirt.



I’m a big fan of this more form-fitting winter look, and the top pieces of fabric can be fashioned to hide any cleavage exposure. Unless you’re feeling a bit cheeky that day. Unless you’re in a coy mood and don’t want to cover yourself as quickly as you normally would when the wind billows in the grocery store parking lot. Not that I’d know….





14 thoughts on “Coy Cardigan

  1. love the pics they are so “real” i don’t find any other words but it’s really touching me… you’re beautiful, and the cardigan: WOW! have a very good day xxx

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