Thursday is for wine

I’m as happy as a camel on hump day, but come Thursday I’m more like Eeyore. It’s my least favorite day of the week. A little long, not quite Friday, and even though I get paid every other Thursday, a good majority of that money goes straight into my checking out and right back out to pay the bills—a bit bittersweet.

So, if there is any day of the week I’m going to pour myself a nice, big glass of wine, it’s going to be Thursday. And while it’s fun to try a variety of brands, since Thursday is my least favorite day it seems a pertinent to grab a bottle I know I’m going to enjoy; might as well not sully an already lackluster day with a lackluster glass(es) of wine!


I think every woman can attest to having a “go-to” article of clothing or accessory, so these would be my go-to bottles of wine. The first would be Big House Red (and red blend), followed by Astica’s Malbec.



When it comes to wine I like reds, but typically not red blends. This one was actually very good and it’s easy to find in a lot of major super markets. It didn’t taste like winemakers just dumped random amounts of red wine together and called it “good enough”.  I got it on sale for $7.99, but usually it retails for $11.99, which is a bit much for my wallet. But, if it’s on sale, or I really need a treat myself moment, it would be worth the price. Big House Red also comes in an organic variety as well; someday I will bite the proverbial bullet and do a side-by-side comparison.



The second bottle I found at Price Chopper (a Vermont based grocery store). Despite my initial reservations, and the bottle being on the lowest shelf which forced me to go into the crouch of shame (oh, we peasants), for a $5 price tag it is not bad at all. It isn’t overly complex, but it’s not flat either. I thought it was better than other brands in that price range—Yellowtail works in a pinch, but is usually very sweet, and don’t get me started on Fish Eye—and, most importantly, I didn’t have that yucky post-glass feeling that often accompanies cheaper wine.

Whatever day is your need-a-glass day, I hope you too have a few brands to pour allegiance to!




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