IMG_1583Dinner is for trying something new. Lunch is all about having a rotation of meals you know will fill you up and satisfy you during a busy day. Breakfast is all about habit. For some it’s cereal. For others it is oatmeal. I think Southern folks eat grits with cheese? (Please inform me if I’m wrong.) For me it’s two eggs and a slice of toast, or maybe two eggs and an avocado, or perhaps two eggs and a bowl of fruit. It really depends on the season, but there always must be two eggs. I usually fry them because it is quick, and I know how long it takes to get the perfect degree of hard and runny yoke. It’s a constant comfort, and I know if I have my two eggs (and additional side) I’ll be a pleasant person to be around; if not I can be a real C-word come 10:30.

 While the weekday is filled with the slight morning rush, the weekends are all about easing into my day, which means I can take more time out for my favorite meal. Instead of frying I scramble up a batch of eggs, add in some cheese for an extra oomph of gooey-ness, and take my time nibbling through a protein-rich mix of heaven and simplicity.


When it comes to scrambling eggs cast iron is king.

When it comes to scrambling eggs cast iron is king.






4 thoughts on “Cracked

    • Thank you!!! I don’t take nearly as much food photography as I’d like (actually, I’m just barely getting into photography, aka: no more camera phone!) but I had a lot of fun taking these 🙂 and self control.

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