PIM #18


1. I love clutches and think the look of a woman holding one in a nice bar is el-e-gant! However, I’m the type of person who grabs a doggy-bag and forgets it at the table; so many waiters have graciously chased after me. The idea of keeping track of a something not firmly attached to my wrist is scary. Which I why I love how this clutch literally locks you in.

 2. Whatever happened to the vanity? It seems like any amount of primping, from the no frills type who just apply moisturizer to the glamanistas who do the full face of makeup, has been relegated to steamy bathrooms. I guess if there was any piece of furniture I’d like to have next it would be a vanity for my bedroom.

3.  I thank my current roommate for getting me into gin. I used to find it too overpowering, but now ordering a gin and juice or gin and tonic is commonplace. This recipe is light, refreshing, and the fresh cucumber juice makes it feel super healthy! 😉



4. Ha! How I miss being young and cheeky and able to pull pranks because of my cute, little smile. The things we give up for age, trust, and responsibility. (I’m sure this kid got a good lickin’ though. No one misses lickin’s.)

 5. I’m proud of the reading nook I made in the space between my bed and the wall. It’s wide enough to comfortably accommodate my hips (which I admit, are pretty narrow) and will be the perfect place to snuggle up this winter with hot chocolate and books. But then I saw this nook and felt immediate jealousy and a sense of unworthiness.

 6. Lately I’ve been weeding things out of my closet and I realized that despite loving sweaters I really don’t have many. I’m a big fan of loose knits with ample sleeves for rolling, and a simplicity that, counter-intuitively, oozes cozy elegance.

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