Cozy Weekends


Deserve is kind of a dirty word. It comes with a tinge of arrogance. No one wants to really admit they deserve anything, but they think it all the time. Well, I will say I most definitely deserved a new comforter! For five years I’d been using the same reversible throw, and I needed (yes, needed) something cozy and white and warm enough for winter that was also luxurious. What is better than swaddling your body in pillows of fluffy goodness?


So I set out to buy a down or down-alternative comforter. Little did I know these types of purchases start out at $300. If I had $300 to spend on something fun it’d be jeans, or a new purse, but not a comforter. So I dragged my feet out of Bed Bath and Beyond and took to my favorite “deal sites” to find a sale. $40 and six-weeks of breaking in this purchase later, I can safely say I’m in love with my white, down-alternative comforter.  Luxurious? Well, maybe not the brand, but the feeling is heaven and that’s all that really matters.


Try it one of these cold weekends. Wake up, make some breakfast, a cup of tea, crawl back into bed, and tune out the world. Stuffed animals encouraged 🙂 Be lazy. Unmotivated.




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