There and Back Again: A Blogger’s Tale

Well, it was bound to happen. Every business woman and man, artist, startup champion, etc., makes a financial decision they have to cut their losses on. I guess mine would be going self-hosted.

In the exasperated words of my father, “it’s just money.”

Plenty of bloggers do it, but I guess I just wasn’t ready. I missed being connected to my WordPress friends and the upkeep of maintaining the blog was more stressful than I initially thought it would be. Plus, the beginnings of the new site were so hectic that I was scared to update anything in fear that I’d be tangled in a web of code.

Until I get paid to blog and it can support my brunch-wanting habits (plus I have a fabulous graphic designer boyfriend who will willingly take all my photos), I just don’t have the energy to be sweating these kinds of bullets.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back. I did my best to incorporate the lovely logo, color, and font designs of my graphic design friend Skylar Ridabock, who did a lovely job!

Aside from making a few tweaks here and there, for the next week I’ll be rolling out the blog posts I placed on the new-but-now-defunct I expect you to be all back to speed on my fabulous writing in a week’s time so I can start pumping out the new stuff 😉

Okay, let’s get this show back on the road!




5 thoughts on “There and Back Again: A Blogger’s Tale

    • Good for knowing that! I wish I knew more about it. I’m sure in the upcoming month I’ll be doing a more in-depth blog post about the pros and cons and what you should watch out for. I wasn’t nearly educated enough on the subject as I thought I was.

      But, on the plus side, it makes me want to learn more about web development! I might go back to school and minor in it 🙂

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