Christmas Pancakes

Pancakes 9

Christmas used to be a day filled with gorging myself on copious amounts of shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, and wine. So much wine. This year I decided to stay in Vermont and have a more laid back day. This meant flipping comfort-inducing chocolate chip pancakes and consuming a few strips of bacon.

It’s an art, pancake flipping. It takes understanding your stove, a keen eye for bubble observation, a sure flick of the wrist so you don’t end  up with an ill-turned pancake, and patience (it’s amazing how many pancakes one batch of delicious batter can make and you can’t give up on the last two!)

Pancakes 2

Pancakes 3

Pancakes 4

Pancakes 5

Pancakes 7

Pancakes 6

I even made a huge one at the end…and successfully flipped it!

Making pancakes is also an act of culinary meditation. I relish this environment I have where I can calmly mix batter, spoon batter, flip batter, and plate pancakes. I imagine that in the next 10-15 years they’ll be little children running under foot—little Saturday morning goobers who’re insistent on dumping flour and spilling milk. A scary thought, but until then I’m much happier living in this calm, comforting moment.

Pancakes 8

Pancakes 10



For my fellow gluten-free eaters, my best advice when it comes to making pancakes is to use a gluten-free all-purpose flour mix. Do not use the ones sold as “pancake-mix”, unless you like a final product that is really thick and overly dense.I’ve used this recipe twice and I really love how it turns out in the end.


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