DIY Succulent Terrarium

terrarium 1

Weekends are for relaxing on the couch, drinking mimosas at early hours, and taking prompt, 2pm naps. Ah, a glorious 2 days. But I do like to have a project during the weekend to keep me from being completely glued to the couch. That project might be more mundane like cleaning, reorganizing, or exciting like cooking a large meal, or attempting a bit of DIY.

Last weekend I set aside 10 minutes to create my first terrarium, which is a nice way to display fuss free plants, like succulents or cacti. They can be intricate, with bark, moss, and several types of soil, or they can be simple, which was the route I chose for my first attempt.

All you need for a basic terrarium is cactus soil (which is fast-draining), decorative stones, a glass container, and plant. I found my stones at Homegoods—it was harder to find garden pebbles this time of year at most craft stores—and I got the jar for 50 cents at Goodwill.

terrarium 2

terrarium 3

terrarium 4

A little bit of twine breaks up the large soil layer and gives a bit of rustic touch.

terrarium 5

terrarium 6

For watering I give the plant a few mists 2-3 times a week.
The plant also has a name too: Bernadette.
Cool factor: 8



6 thoughts on “DIY Succulent Terrarium

    • How exciting! The place that had succulents was out, but I’ve noticed places are starting to stock more gardening supplies since it’s getting warmer. I found some moss and bark @ Lowes so I’m thinking my next one will be more involved!


      • Is the moss you get real live moss? Moss is so hard to find here in Perth, Western Australia, as it’s so terribly hot and dry! I did find some under a bridge, at least I think it’s moss. I’ll have to wait and see if it turns green, as it was grey when I found it.

      • Hmm, you make a good point. It was dry and in a bag. I’m not sure if maybe you stick it in water it might perk up? Ah, I’ll do some further investigation! I was using mine for aesthetics, so I’m not sure if that factors in or not. I think that is for when you want to do a “living” terrarium when you cover it at night to encourage moisture and all.

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