PIM #19


Yes. I’m moving back to Burlington (where I sent to college). Why? Well, I recently took a job offer at a company in the area. I’m switching my career paths from being a Production Editor at a STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) Publishing Company to becoming a Jr. SEO Copywriter at a Automotive Web Company called Dealer.com.  I’m really excited to make the transition, though a bit nervous.

The apartment I’ll be moving to is in walking distance from work and not only will I have a beautiful, bright sunny room (perfect for blog photography!), but it has its own connected bathroom. Ahh, the perks of having the Master Suite.

This transition and apartment search has been very last minute, but I’ve found some time to daydream about how I want to create the perfect bed and bath space. I still will be sharing the living room, kitchen, formal dining room (humble brag), and breakfast nook (blatant brag), but for the first time in my life I’ll have two rooms of my own to work with! Hashtag-growing up!


I love clothes, but I also love being comfortable and nude; anytime you can prolong putting on a bra is amazing. When you don’t have to traipse from bedroom, through shared hallway, to bathroom, you can really indulge in your nude-y freedom with tea and a good read.

I don’t have nearly as many products as Sofia Coppola, but I’m excited to create a clean space to store my “potions and lotions”.

I love clear jars—especially those of the mason variety. They bring cohesiveness to a space (no random assortments of beige, blue, or pink bottles cluttering counter tops) and allow you to see how much product you have left. My spider plant (Charlotte) will also be taking up residency to add a green touch; bathrooms don’t have to be icky and boring. They can be bright and vibrant!


Inline with the first photo, I’ll be doing a lot of nude lounging and napping. Nothing is nicer than taking a warm shower and lying under or on top of clean sheets with some weekend sunlight streaming through.

Ever since I saw the B&W version of the Christmas Carol, where Scrooge roughly tugs on a rich, velvet canopy, I’ve wanted layers of fabric to surround my bed space. What can I say, I’m a bit reclusive. Something light and gauzy is a little  more inviting, though, and doesn’t create an entirely different look that you have to base the rest of the room around. 

Maybe it’s from the years of boarding school (un)packing and dorm (un)packing and apartment (un)packing, but when it comes to décor I realize I like knick-knacks. I find wall-hangings cumbersome to put up and potentially devastating to remove if I’ve used lots of tacks. When it comes to the wall surface, I like to keep things to a minimum, but I’d really love a large, fun sign in my room. Maybe a marquee or something neon?

Love, Jocellyn


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