DIY Gold Flower Vase

DIY Striped Vase

Maybe it has to do with being a 20-something female, but I’m obsessed with gold. Glitter mania didn’t impress me much, but this bright color has me mighty smitten.

With the weekend coming up, it’s a good time to start thinking of some DIY projects to spruce up your place. You can work on a project that is elaborate or you can go my route: easy, cheap, fool-proof.

Because I like to keep carnations in my bedroom during most of the year, it made sense to have some fun with spray paint and vases.

You only need three things for this project: gold spray paint, electric tape, and glassware.

When it comes to the spray paint you can buy the more expensive varieties, but a simple $4.00 run of the mill brand will do fine since you’re spraying a small surface area. For electric tape you don’t even have to go to Home Depot—the “home owner” aisle of your grocery store will likely carry rolls for less than $3.00

You can find glassware at Goodwill shops for fifty cents if you scope out the on sale color, because you know at this age every penny (or half-dollar saved) means more spare change for well-drinks. Or paying off loans. Mix and match at your financially responsible discretion 😉

I’m really not crafty, but this project is really fool proof. Just tape off fun designs, like swirls of vertical stripes or individual triangles if you’re feeling especially hipster, and bring the vase outside for a spray down. Follow directions on the can for suggested drying times and adding extra layers.


Soon you’ll have plenty of jazzed up vases to hold a variety of flowers once the warmer weather rolls in!


What are some fun and easy DIY projects you’ve completed over the weekend?




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