I Dream of Summer Fashion

Summer Fashion

By New England standards the last few days have been exceptionally balmy. To give you an idea, on Monday it was 25 degrees and I was upset that I had to drive to work that day because I would have much rather walked. Yes, we’re crazy for living here, but we suffer through these mad months for three glorious months of summer. However, at least four of those weeks are filled with rain….Enough with this math though!

Needless to say, I’m starting to think about summer. I want nothing more than to wear a beautiful dress and swing my hips as I walk down to the waterfront or bustling Church Street. Even though this small city is filled to the brim with tourists all summer, I miss the congestion and being able to go outside without wearing a thick knitted headband.

I still wear those white jeans, and that bright orange dress (which, can we “omg” for a moment over the fact that I didn’t buy something black!), but they will just look so much better in July.

To the other articles of very summer clothing—the sandals, romper, hi-low, and bikini—soon we’ll be reunited…

…after mud season, of course.



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