PIM #20


I’m retaining water like it’s my full-time job and I’ve been avoiding looking at my paunch in the morning. We all have times like these, where we feel our body is having a laugh at our expense. At least my time is happening in the winter, when I can cover myself in layers and blankets, puffy down jackets and sweats from my former college. Regardless, I still feel disgusting. How to change this?

This Pin It Monday pulls in images from my board “Cozy Feelings”, because right now all I want to do is hibernate like a chubby bear.


This darling silk romper by Emerson Fry keeps the cozy cute, while also taking a more modest approach to slinky nightwear. For gals who like to sleep in their undies (or nude) this is a careful step into clothed relaxation that won’t leave you feeling suffocated.

 Of course, I’m not against the more “rugged” pairing of thick, knitted socks and a bum covering flannel. I don’t care if you thrift it or spirit it away from your lover. All I care is that it’s real flannel material.

 While it is refreshing, water does not really equal relaxation. A hot toddy is nice, or even a hot buttered drink, but sometimes good old tea all you need.


I’m not saying you should do a full face of makeup before crawling into bed, but even I get a little vain before burritoing myself in blankets for a relaxing snooze: a quick shower and a fresh face void of sleepy eyes or crusty mouth (it happens. don’t pretend it doesn’t) makes you feel more rejuvenated and less icky when all is said and done. 

 If you are lucky enough to live in an old house that has a fire place in the bedroom (and it has been deemed safe), place a few logs on on for a relaxing crackle.

 And I know this whole post started because I feel icky, and what makes anyone feel sexier than dumping food on top of an already bloated stomach…but a girl gotta eat. At least under a big comforter you can’t tell if the heft is you or the down.






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