Flowers to Brighten up your Life


I’ve got a case of the Mondays. It’s a 12 hour work day for me, so I’m usually dragging buns when all is said and done (like right now as I write this post). But what gets me through this long day, and the rest of the week (besides the occasional glasses of red wine) is a pop of life and colors.

I’m talking about flowers.

Keeping flowers around adds extra energy to a room and when you open your door you can’t help but smile.

Buying flowers can seem expensive, but not all kinds will leave you penniless. I really like carnations and my grocer sells them 2 for $1. The pink ones I bought last week and the purple/white scheme is from this past Sunday, so they do have some longevity with light and good water; since I live in a city my plants are divas and get bottled water…I don’t even drink bottled water.

Keep them in a variety of vases (like the stripped DIY gold vase I made a few weeks back) to create different visual levels.

Flowers in coke bottles

This little guy got the worst of the fall, but what a trooper!

This little guy got the worst of the fall, but what a trooper!

Embarrassing story, but I fell out of my car with 2 bags of groceries and flowers in hand. Some flowers got “prematurely cut” so I had to get creative and find smaller jars, which worked out well.

The Mondays aren’t going to get any easier, but with a little bit of floral help at least you’ll have a few things to smile about.




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