Cleansing Beet Juice

beet juice 1

Spring is around the corner and people are shelling out the big bucks for juice cleanses. I’ve been intermittently juicing for the past 2 years. It’s not something I do on an extremely regular basis because it is a.) time consuming and b.) expensive.

Every now and then I’ll take down the juicer to make one of my favorite recipes: carrot, apple, beet, ginger. This concoction is quite popular at juice bars and I only deviate from the original recipe a little bit.

This is a great drink if you are looking for something that isn’t overly sweet, but not loaded with leafy greens. It’s also a very “heavy juice” and quite filling. As someone who regularly eats a big breakfast I can safely say that this drink paired with ½ a banana would keep you full until lunch.

beet juice 2

beet juice 3

Ratios are really up to you, but I like doing 1.5 beets, a few carrots, a good amount of ginger, 1 apple, and a handful of spinach if I have some leftover; greens aren’t necessary but they add a nice touch. I also add juice from ½ a lemon. The lemon adds some zest to the beet which can be overwhelming at first, so I highly suggest using it your first time around.

You can also juice the tops of the carrots and beets, but I’ve never done it before!

In my opinion it makes for a beautiful looking juice that never lets me down.

Isn't this glass fun?

Isn’t this glass fun?

beet juice 4

Do you have any favorite juices? For more information on juicing check out the notes below my John Hancock.



A few things on juicing:

There is no way to say this in a ladylike manner: beet juice will likely turn you bowel movements red, so don’t freak out if things look “different” the next day; you aren’t bleeding internally.

Start with baby steps. Juices that have a lot of greens can have an immediate effect on your body. You may feel tired all of a sudden, so it’s best to try very green recipes on the weekend and not during a lunch break.

Yes, fiber is good for you. However sometimes it is nice to get a straight shot of nutrients; save the leftover pulp if wasting it bothers you, since you can use it to make raw crackers or use it for filler in homemade breads.

If you don’t have a compost and need to throw the pulp away don’t put it into a new trash bag. The pulp will stink up the house in 1 day (speaking from frequent experience). Freeze the pulp and throw it out with the trash the next time it needs to go out.

A lot of people use juicing as a way to lose weight. I like to think of juicing as a way to give your body a break from digestion, which is very labor intensive. Yes the man from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead lost a lot of weight, but he was also juicing for a long time. On the typical 3-5 day cleanse you probably won’t have long lasting weight loss. Instead of thinking of juicing as a way to drop pounds for a bikini bash think of it as a vacation for your body.


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