An Afternoon Baking Cookies


I try my hardest to live a life of balance, so it only makes sense to follow up the prior juicing post with this entry on baking.

Even when I wasn’t gluten-free I was never quite the baker, so I was kind of surprised when this past weekend I found myself pulling out the ol’ vintage Kitchen Aid. It had been ages since I made chocolate chip cookies and I had just enough flour (Bob Red Mill’s gluten free mix) to make a batch.

Gluten free cooking is hit or miss. I wasn’t expecting much from these cookies, but I was delighted by the outcome. Recipe from the Minimalist Baker

 cookie dough

I will say, though, that the dough is not very good. That was a bit of a letdown, because the best part about making chocolate chip cookies is flirting with salmonella* and eating the raw dough; thankfully the fully cooked end product didn’t have the strong baking power/soda taste.




Maybe this summer I’ll bring out this recipe again to make some ice cream sandwiches.



*Fun fact, people often freak out about raw eggs in uncooked cookie dough. Since we pasteurize our eggs if anything someone is more likely to get sick from the uncooked flour. I like to live dangerously (like many cookie making folks), however, pregnant woman should watch out for all those “egg-less” cookie dough recipes that are floating around Pinterest.


8 thoughts on “An Afternoon Baking Cookies

    • **she updates her comment after realizing who “John” is….**
      Oh, someone else has never responded to a recipe I’ve linked back to!

      I’ll definitely have to give some more recipes a shot 🙂 If I ever find a gluten free cookie dough mix that tastes like the real deal I’ll certainly pass it on!

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